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Q: What is the average lifespan of screen?

Q: I only had one damaged roof panel, why did 4 need replacement?

Q: Why are my screens silver?

Q: Is a pet door for my enclosure an option?

Q: What are the cables on my cage for?

A: The hurricane cables prevent the enclosure from shifting in heavy winds. Ensuring that your deck fasteners do not fail. If one is damaged or missing it should be replaced immediately.

Q: I have noticed missing screws on the bottom of my enclosure, what do I do?

A: Fiberglass insect screening lasts 8-12 years with an extended lifespan of 10-15 years depending on sun exposure and care. Roof panels will deteriorate quicker than wall panels due to more direct sunlight.  

A: These should be checked immediately. If some are missing it is likely that more are damaged. It is important to know that these bolts are the only things keeping your enclosure secured to the foundation.   

A: This is due to prolonged exposure to the sun which has degraded the screens vinyl coating. What you are seeing is the raw fiberglass. When this happens there is no doubt that your screen has exceeded its lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: Absolutely! Schedule an appointment for sizing and placement. Sizes vary from 3 - 120lb pets.

Q: My screen door does not close properly, why?

Q: Why are all my screws rusted?

A: Standard screws are painted zinc. When installed some of the coating is removed. This causes a dissimilar metal reaction known as electrolysis.  

A: Your closure hardware likely needs replacement. Additionally your hinges may be damaged. In some cases the frame needs adjustment due to deck settling.

A: Unfortunately, whoever screened your enclosure last did what is commonly referred to as "sheeting". Instead of installing each panel individually, one length of material was used for the whole row.